Zwaveloxiden en stof

Inventory of SO2 emissions and emission reduction potential in the Netherlands glass industry

Door: Prof. Dr. Ir. R.G.C. Beerkens

On the request of InfoMil-SenterNovem, a study on SOx emissions of glass furnaces in the Netherlands has been performed by TNO in co-operation with the Vereniging van Nederlandse Glasfabrikanten (VNG). The study started on December 1., 2006 after a start-meeting with participation of representatives of permitting authorities for the Dutch glass manufacturers (Provinces of Groningen, Zuid-Holland, Noord-Brabant and Gelderland were represented), representatives of a few glass companies (OI-Europe, REXAM Glass and Glaverbel), a representative of VROM, two representatives from InfoMil and one from TNO. The study includes two parts:

Part 1: Inventory of SO2 emissions by Dutch glass furnaces in 2005 plus historical development (1990-2005) in specific emissions and applied SO2-emission reduction techniques plus observed bottlenecks in emission reduction;

Part 2: Potential of further SO2 emission reduction by the Dutch glass industry by primary and secondary measures up to the year 2010 and the associated costs (costs of SO2 emission reduction per kg SO2 emission reduced and per ton molten glass).